About Blowout Dollhouse

Latoya Holman, founder of Blowout Dollhouse.

The Blowout Dollhouse salon in Las Vegas is a result of Latoya’s passion for cute little tea shops in London, and her regular need for someone to straighten her wild curly hair.

While driving through Carlsbad, California on her way to meet up with friends at the beach, Latoya passed what looked like a tea shop for little girls that resembled a doll store. That little tea shop turned out to be a full service hair salon. After connecting the need for every woman to have an economical way of getting dolled up for events, with their WAY too busy lives, Latoya took her one-woman show to friends, family, and anyone else who would listen and get involved.



As a community advocate for over 10 years, Latoya connected the creativity and knowledge from the marketing and advertising industry with her passion for being kind and taking care of others. Blowout Dollhouse is the result.


Blowout Dollhouse

The best blowouts, makeup, and spraytans in Las Vegas. Amazing blowouts, beautiful makeup and flawless vegan airbrush spraytans.

“I believe that we are all Dolls,” is a statement you’ll regularly hear from Latoya. As we multitask daily with our jobs, husbands or partners, kids, school, beauty regimens, maintaining friendships, and handling our families, we have less and less time for ourselves. In addition, every time a woman steps into a beauty salon, they are charged a small fortune to maintain themselves.

Blowout Dollhouse is all about giving women an experience that they will not forget. Latoya would like her customers to feel special, cared for, and beautiful just like a Doll.